2022 Virtual Conferences

Sharing Inspiration 2022 – A touch of STEM

Webinar Series T³ Europe

In 2022 the T3 Europe teacher network will offer a special webinar series for STEM teachers. Inspired by scientists, each webinar will showcase the beauty of STEM and inspire you as a teacher. Several speakers from different countries will share STEM ideas and practices on topics like computational thinking, interdisciplinary teaching, physical computing, coding in Python or STEM projects presented by students. The free webinars will be held at the end of the day and last for 60-90 minutes.

T³ International Conference (T³IC)

Virtual conference July 28-29

This summer teachers from all over the world are invited to the annual T³ International Conference (T³IC). The virtual conference titled ‘Learn, Grow, Succeed’ will take placed on July 28–29 (US time zone!) Connect with an ever-growing community of educators as the conference explores ways to enrich teaching and learning in math, science, and STEM education.

European teachers can apply with T3 Europe for FREE attendance, please use this form.